The Cloud Offers Options But Isn’t For Everyone

Companies have many options when choosing modern business management solutions and how to best deploy them. Today’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, for example, can be deployed on-premise or in the Cloud. While there are many benefits to a Cloud deployment, it may not be the best choice for your company. Here are a few […]

Hidden Inventory, Hidden Costs

Many distributors know the warehouse is full of inventory; however, you need to know what exactly is in the warehouse in order to fulfill customer orders accurately. Without reliable inventory data, you could be overinvesting in items you already have or not replenishing the items your customers need. Make strategic, data-driven inventory decisions to save […]

Could Your Business Software Be Holding You Back?

Successful businesses grow and change; however, entry-level specialty software doesn’t. It’s only a matter of time until you outgrow basic software systems, such as QuickBooks, which can lead to poor productivity, inadequate insight, and can halt growth when you need it most. Don’t let inadequate software hold you back, it’s time to upgrade to a […]

Tips For Choosing The Right Software Provider

Choosing the right software provider is just as important as choosing the right business management technology. Partnering with an experienced software provider is essential to ensuring a successful deployment, training, and follow-up. Here are tips for choosing someone that can guide you to selecting the ideal business management solutions and that can provide the support […]

Distributors: Be More Responsive To Your Customers And Your Business

The distribution industry is fast-paced and customers have come to expect speedy, efficient service. Delivering the products customers want, when they want them, is no easy task especially with disparate, specialty software systems. Disparate systems also make it harder to monitor profit margins and labor productivity. Replace inefficient systems with an integrated solution and become […]

Nonprofits Can Control Strict Budgets & Deliver Regulatory Compliance With ERP

Nonprofit organizations often rely on grant funding in addition to donations, membership fees, and other inconsistent income sources. Complying with regulatory requirements and adhering to strict budgets while fulfilling membership or community needs can be challenging to say the least. Stay on top of financial processes and protect grant budgets by using the right management […]

Manage Projects With Greater Efficiency Using ERP

Each day project managers at professional services firms are juggling a number of important projects for their clients. Projects often vary in scope, require different milestones and deadlines, and operate under strictly unique budgets. Tracking labor and material costs can be challenging, especially when using spreadsheets or other manual processes. Manage projects with greater efficiency […]

Make The Switch From QuickBooks To Microsoft Dynamics GP

Many businesses can use QuickBooks for years; however, it’s only a matter of time until it no longer meets your growing needs. Companies generate a lot of data and QuickBooks has its limits. In addition, your business changes and expands, and an entry-level accounting solution is just not enough to manage these changes and plan […]

Do you ever enter transactions using the wrong date in Dynamics GP?

Automatic User Date Popup in Dynamics GP Scenario: Do you often find yourself with a stack of payables documents or GL transactions to enter into Microsoft Dynamics GP that you did not get to yesterday, and you keep forgetting to change the date on the transactions to yesterday’s date? Complete Business Solutions has created a […]

Did you ever apply payments to the wrong invoices in Dynamics GP?

Un-apply and Re-open Receivables in Dynamics GP The standard workflow in Receivables Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP is that an invoice is entered and sent out to the customer, the customer sends payment for the invoice, the Dynamics GP user enters the cash payment and applies it to the invoice, and finally, at the end […]